About the Bunny Lady

Mission Statement

The Bunny Lady is a website dedicated to the care of pet rabbits. It was created to provide rabbit owners and lovers the information and resources they need, and to give rabbits around the world the best chance at a happy and healthy life.

What the Bunny Lady advocates for

House rabbits

Here at the Bunny Lady, I advocate for keeping pet rabbits inside rather than in a hutch outside. Rabbits are happiest and safest when they can spend their time safe inside your home. They don’t have to worry about predators or inclement weather. Rabbits are playful and intelligent animals, and they can be a joyful part of anyone’s family just like a cat or dog.

Respecting rabbits

Rabbits are very unique animals with their own personalities. I believe that their boundaries should be respected. We should learn to gain the trust of our beloved pets and not force them into situations that make them unhappy (like keeping them locked up in a cage all day).

Spay or neuter your rabbit

For health reasons, I believe it is vitally important for rabbit owners to get their pets spayed or neutered. Female rabbits, in particular, stand a very hight chance of getting a reproductive cancer if they are left un-spayed. Getting a rabbit altered will also fix some aggressive and territorial rabbit behaviors, and will help them become a happier part of your family.

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Resources to get started on your rabbit journey

Although rabbits are a popular pet, most people know very little about rabbit ownership before deciding to go and get one. People assume rabbits are easy to take care of, like a hamster. But in reality, rabbits have some very unique needs.

I’ve written some guides so you have the most important information to get started caring for your pet rabbit:

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