About the Author: Amy Pratt

About the bunny lady

Hello! My name is Amy Pratt, and I am affectionately known as the Bunny Lady!

My mission is to help you fellow rabbit lovers get all the resources you need to help your rabbits thrive. A happy bunny is the best companion, and they worth all the trouble those little fluffballs cause. 

I have been a rabbit lover all my life. Most of my family is allergic to cats and dogs, so we had pet rabbits instead. When I started a life with my own rabbits, I became even more interested in these lovable fluffballs and started researching everything there was to know about rabbits.

Here I am socializing the rabbits at the shelter and training them to give people kisses.

In 2015 I started volunteering at my local animal shelter (Humane Rescue Alliance), specializing with rabbits to help socialize them and teach them to be comfortable around people. Here I gained a lot of practical knowledge about how to care for rabbits with all types of dispositions and needs.

I’ve even started teaching the shelter rabbits some clever tricks, to encourage their mental health and help them stand out to potential adopters. I teach the rabbits to hop onto people laps and give them kisses. It really the most adorable thing!

When I started at the shelter, I was one of the few people who knew about the proper care of rabbits. I have been taking the time over the past few years to train my fellow volunteers in the care and behavior of rabbits, so there can be more of us socializing the rabbits and getting them ready for adoption.

Now it’s time for me to share all I’ve learned with you! I’m putting together my knowledge so that all of you bunny lovers out there will have everything you need to create a happy and loving home for you and your rabbits.

Whether you are new to the world of rabbits or your a veteran bunny owner, I hope you will be able to learn something here! 

Meet the bunnies


Elusive is my sweet albino rabbit. I call her Ellie for short. She was a very anxious bunny when I was working with her in the shelter. After a couple of months of working with her to teach her to trust people, she had made very little progress.

Ellie was a unique challenge for me. Most rabbits will learn to warm up to people in 2-4 weeks, but she was still very hesitant to approach anyone. I decided it was time to bring her home so she could have a quiet place where she would feel safe while I worked with her.

I expected it would take months or years of slowly working with her for this sweet girl to come out of her shell. But to my surprise, after a couple days of coming home, Ellie was already started to show a lot of improvement. After just a couple months, she was exploring all areas of the apartment and becoming a confident rabbit.

Now, Ellie is a very happy rabbit, binky-ing all over the living room. She’ll even climb into my lap and fall asleep while I’m reading or watching a movie. I can tell she trusts me very much. Ellie is my sweet success story. She proves that even the most anxious rabbit can learn to be confident and relaxed if given patience and the right environment.


Tenshi was my 13 year old mini-lop. She was a spunky rabbit, who was always ready to take on the world. I received her at 2 months old when I was 14 and she stayed with me as I moved from home into adulthood.

Tenshi is the rabbit who got me started on my journey toward being a specialist in rabbit behavior. At the start, I didn’t know nearly enough about the proper rabbit diet. By the time she was 4 years old, Tenshi was an obese rabbit because of the high concentration of pellets in her diet.

When I realized how overweight she was, and how bad that is for a rabbit’s health, I did a lot of research and helped her come back down to a healthy weight. It was a joy seeing how much happier Tenshi was now that she was a healthy bunny.

Knowing how much of a difference even a little bit of research could make, I decided to continue my education. I learned about the types and cages and enclosures that are best for rabbits, how to pay attention to their health, and how to read all of their body language and know what she was trying to tell me.

I even started teaching Tenshi some tricks. She was very good at giving me high fives, and I taught he how to give me kisses for treats. She was a very smart rabbit!

As she got older, Tenshi developed arthritis and started to go blind in one eye. I had to give her medicine every day and help her groom herself and stay clean.

I love this sweet rabbit very much. Her confident, spunky attitude brought so much joy to my life. I am so glad that she loved me and forgave me for the mistakes I made when she was younger. Tenshi taught me so much, and she will always be an important piece of my heart.