15 Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Pet Rabbit

15 Affordable gifts for your rabbit

Like many other pet caretakers out there, I absolutely love spoiling my rabbit and getting her some fun new gifts. But it’s always disappointing when you get your rabbit a new toy, treat, or habitat accessory, only to find that they completely ignore it. 

Every rabbit is different. They all have unique likes and dislikes, so I can never promise that your rabbit will love ALL of these gifts. However, these are the types of items that make my own rabbits really excited whenever I get them. I also occasionally get these items as gifts for the rescue rabbits I volunteer with, and they seem to have a lot of fun with them. I hope these gifts will also help your rabbit have fun and be curious about their new environment.

Every single item on this list is something that I have used with my rabbit and still use or plan on purchasing again. If you want you can even check out my youtube channel to see these objects in action and decide which gifts are best for your rabbit.

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rabbit on a cat tower
My rabbit loves to climb up and down her cat tower.

1. A short cat tower

Believe it or not, a cat tower can actually be a great item for your rabbit’s habitat. Most rabbits, especially smaller breeds, really enjoy jumping up onto platforms to get a different vantage point. I was a little nervous about getting a tall cat tower because rabbits can be a little bit clumsy sometimes. But my rabbit loves the short platform tower I got her. 

This Trixie cat tree is only a few feet tall, so I don’t worry about my rabbit falling off. It even has a little den on the bottom to give her a place to hide. My rabbit loves hopping up and down on this cat tree and ends up getting a lot of exercise because of it.

playing with a willow ball
Willow twig balls tend to be favorites with a lot of the rabbits I work with.

2. Willow balls

Willow balls are a type of toy that almost all rabbits will love. These are made with willow twigs that are formed into a ball shape. Rabbits will like to chew on these toys and toss them around the room. The thin twigs are enticing to rabbits and some will even like the flavor of the willow and eat the twigs (which are safe for rabbits).

When I give a rabbit a new willow twig ball, it’s usually completely chewed up and unrecognizable by the end of the day. You may need to purchase a number of these to keep your rabbit in supply, or you can make it the occasional fun gift for your happy bunny.

Even if your rabbit isn’t a fan of chewing the willow, these balls are great for hiding treats in. You can put a chunk of dried fruit through the gaps in the twigs and watch as your rabbit rolls it around to try to get the treat out.

dried banana treats
Dried banana treats are almost always a big hit with rabbits.

3. Dried fruit treats

We all want to reward our rabbits occasionally by giving them something super yummy, but we don’t want to give them treats that are going to be unhealthy for them. The best treats for rabbits are actually small pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables that you can get in the grocery store. However, if you’re looking for fruit treats with a longer shelf-life, then dried treats are the way to go.

I get my rabbit’s fruit treats from an online shop called Small Pet Select. What I like best about this shop is that they have a wide variety of completely unsweetened dried fruits and vegetables. You can get a bunch of different types and see what your rabbit likes best knowing there are no added ingredients to the fruit. My rabbit’s favorites are the strawberry pieces and the banana chips.

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herbal blends
Herbal blends are made up of many different kinds of flowers, herbs, and dried greens. This is the Flower Power Berry Boost, available at Small Pet Select.

4. Herbal blends

Herbal blends can be a fun way to encourage your rabbit to eat more of their healthy hay. You can sprinkle a handful of one of these blends into your rabbit’s hay trough. This way your rabbit will eat some of their hay while they’re foraging through it for the yummy herbal pieces. They are a yummy way to add some more variety to your rabbit’s diet.

What’s even better is that most herbal blends are actually pretty healthy for rabbits. Many also have some mild medicinal properties, such as calming down an anxious rabbit or supporting a healthy immune system. Having a wider variety of herbs and flowers in your rabbit’s diet will also help ensure that they get more of the many vitamins and nutrients they need to stay healthy long term

The only place that I’ve found that has these healthy herbal blends is my favorite online store Small Pet Select. I really trust this store to have high-quality healthy items for small animals. Check out their different blends to find one for your rabbit.

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rabbit playing with a hanging toy
Rabbits can have tons of fun tugging and chewing on hanging mobile toys.

5. Hanging mobile toys

Rabbits are curious creatures, and they love to tug on things that are hanging around. You can clip these hanging mobile toys to the side of your rabbit’s enclosure to give them a fun activity, or you can set up a play area for your rabbit with a bunch of different hanging toys!

I prefer to get natural hanging toys for my rabbit, so they can be fun and healthy. These will have hay-based pieces and some sticks and twigs on the hanging mobile. I find my rabbit has more fun with these ones too.

You can get other hanging toys from pet stores that are wooden. Just be sure when you get them that they don’t use any glue to hold them together because your rabbit will probably be chewing on all the different parts.

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rabbit sniffing a hiding house
Hiding houses are an important part of any rabbit habitat.

6. Hiding den

Hiding houses are an absolutely essential part of any rabbit’s habitat. They help a rabbit to feel safe in their environment because they’ll have a place to hide if something scary happens. So getting a hiding den for your rabbit is sure to make them curious and excited.

The most difficult part of finding a hiding house for rabbits is finding a den that’s big enough. Many are marketed for rabbits and guinea pigs, and would really only be appropriate for a very small rabbit. For my medium-sized rabbit, I recommend the this cute rabbit castle. It’s roomy, sturdy, and made of a type of wood that’s safe for rabbits to chew on.

However if your rabbit is larger than about 7-8 pounds, I recommend getting a den that is marketed toward cats. These cat cubes are large enough, and my rabbit also seems to enjoy digging inside of them. You get a digging toy and a hiding house in one!

rabbit on a grass mat
Woven grass mats are good digging and chewing toys for rabbits.

7. Grass mats

Many, many rabbits love digging and chewing on grass mats. I remember the first time I gave a woven grass mat to my rabbit, it didn’t even last a day. She had so much fun tearing it to pieces! These are healthy for rabbits too since they are made from simple, woven dry grass. 

You’ll probably want to get more than one because rabbits tend to go through these toys so quickly. The good news is these mats are not very expensive and you can get them at pretty much any pet store that carries small animal supplies.

rabbit with food dispenser ball
This food dispenser ball is my rabbit’s favorite toy. She loves to roll it around and get the pellets and treats from inside.

8. A food dispenser puzzle toy

A food dispenser ball was one of the best things I ever bought for my rabbit. It’s her absolute favorite, and she’ll get super excited any time she hears me opening up the top to put some food inside. This is a puzzle toy that your rabbit can roll around to try to get the treats or the pellets out of.

I give my rabbit her daily pellets inside one of these SlimCat Dispenser balls. This prevents my rabbit from eating her food too quickly, which is helpful to prevent choking and digestive problems. It’s great for rabbits who have a tendency to get super excited and scarf down all of their pellets at once.

So far my rabbit has had this toy for two years, and she hasn’t been able to break it or chew through it in any way. Best of all, it’s not even very expensive, it was less than $10 when I got it (you can check the current price here). By gifting your rabbit this toy you can encourage healthy eating habits, give your rabbit the mental stimulation that comes from foraging for their food, and let your rabbit have years of fun!

cutting wheatgrass
Using a wheatgrass kit to grow your own is a great way to give your rabbit fresh, healthy and yummy greens.

9. Wheatgrass growing kit

What better way to show your rabbit that you love them than by giving them a healthy and yummy snack. You can treat them with 100% freshly grown grass using a wheatgrass growing kit. You can choose to grow the wheatgrass in your own cute planter as I did, or you can let it grow in the container it comes in.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this kit is really easy to use. The first time I got one of these I was a little nervous. I didn’t know much about growing plants and was worried the seeds would never actually sprout. But by simply following the directions on the package I was able to see grass sprouting up within a couple of days. After the grass got long enough, I started clipping some of the blades to give to my rabbit as a treat.

This isn’t a plant that is able to keep growing forever, but I was able to give my rabbit clippings from the wheatgrass for a couple of months. That’s a couple of months of freshly grown, healthy treats for your rabbit!

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Small Pet Select Sampler box

10. SPS toys

Sometimes rabbits can be really picky with the kind of toys they want to play with. You get them toy after toy, only to find that they completely ignore it. If you’re not sure what toys your rabbit actually likes to play with, I recommend getting the a sampling of toys from Small Pet Select. You can get a variety of hay-based and natural toys for your rabbit to pick from. 

Your rabbit likely won’t want to play with all of the toys they have available, but your rabbit will be able to easily choose their favorites. Then you can continue to get them the toys that they like best next time you. My rabbit really loves playing with the hay ball toys and apple sticks, but wasn’t a fan of ryegrass or willow sticks.

Now that I started getting these toys from Small Pet Select, I rarely get toys from anywhere else. Not only are these toys made from hay, untreated sticks and wood, and other natural and healthy products, but my rabbit also seems to like playing with them more than most other toys.

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Oxbow simple rewards treats
Oxbow Simple Rewards treats are hay-based, making them a healthy treat for rabbits.

11. Simple Rewards treats

Another type of healthy treat you can get for your rabbit are Oxbow’s Simple Rewards treats. These are hay-based treats that have a little bit of sweet fruit or vegetable flavoring that makes them really enticing to rabbits. 

These are the type of treats that I get for the rescue rabbits that I volunteer with. They are yummy treats that help me make friends with the many rabbits at the animal shelter, but they are also not as unhealthy as most other treats. Since they are mainly made of hay, they are good treats for rabbits who are more likely to experience digestive issues.

As a plus, there are many different flavors to choose from. The bell pepper flavor tends to be a favorite among the rabbits I work with, but the banana, carrot, cranberry, and other flavors are also yummy for rabbits.

You can get a harness and leash to take your rabbit outside for walks.

12. A rabbit harness and leash

Did you ever want to bring your rabbit outside to experience the fun sights and smells of the outdoors? You can take your rabbit outside for walks without the worry of them dashing away into danger by getting them a rabbit harness and leash.

This is a great form of exercise for rabbits since they have a lot of space to hop around. Exploring the outdoors is also a form of mental stimulation that can help a bored rabbit become happy and curious about their surrounding environment.

As a caveat, however, leash walking is not for all rabbits. Rabbits who are normally very anxious or excitable should probably not be brought out for walks since they are likely to become very stressed or to injure themselves on the leash. But leash walks are still a fun option for the more calm and confident rabbits out there.

Rabbit ex-pens are a great way to give your rabbit a lot of space when you can’t supervise them to keep them out of trouble.

13. An exercise pen

A pet exercise pen is a great way to increase the amount of space your rabbit has. It’s important for rabbits to have space to hop around and sprawl out, even when you can’t directly supervise them. This is where the exercise pen comes in! You can create a large, danger-free area for your rabbit in just the few seconds it takes to set up the gates.

I always recommend using one of these exercise pens as a rabbit’s full-time enclosure. But if you already have a smaller cage for your rabbit, the ex-pens are still useful for expanding your rabbit’s space. You can connect the gates to the side of your rabbit’s original cage (using twisty ties or zip ties), instantly increasing the amount of fun play-space your rabbit has available all the time. They are also pretty cheap compared to other cages, so this bunny-home expansion doesn’t even have to cost that much (check out the current price).

rabbit under a blanket
Many rabbits will love to dig and play under blankets. Fleece blankets are best for rabbits because they won’t get their nails and teeth caught on looping threads.

14. A fleece blanket

Blankets are great toys and habitat items for rabbits. While they often won’t treat a comfortable blanket as bedding, they will be happy to shove it around, dig into it, and tunnel under the blanket. Blankets can give your rabbit hours of fun as they play around and arrange it how they like it.

The first time I realized how much fun a blanket could be for a rabbit was when I left one on the floor one day. I came back into the room to find that my rabbit had made her way underneath the blanket and was having fun digging and arranging it from underneath. I now lay one on the floor sometimes and lift up the edge of the blanket to let my rabbit have some fun digging underneath.

What to look for to make sure your blanket is safe for rabbits? Generally, fleece is a good material to get. It doesn’t have the looping threads in the fabric that can catch on a rabbit’s teeth or nails. Fleece also doesn’t shred easily, so these blankets are likely to last longer around a rabbit’s destructive behaviors. It can also be a lot more fun for a rabbit if you get them a large size blanket so that they have more space for tunneling.

chewing a cardboard box
Sometimes the best toys for rabbits are free!

15. The cardboard box your gifts came in

Not every gift for your rabbit has to cost money. Rabbits often really enjoy chewing and digging on cardboard boxes. So before you toss that box in the recycling bin, see if your rabbit is interested in it. You could even make the box into a fun digging box for your rabbit or a multi-level rabbit castle!

If you’re interested in more DIY ideas for toys for your rabbit, check out my step-by-step guide!

Amy Pratt

Amy Pratt is a lifelong rabbit owner who has been specializing with rabbits at the Humane Rescue Alliance. She helps to socialize the rabbits and educate volunteers on the care and behavior of these small mammals.

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