DIY Rabbit Toy: Hidden Treat Ball

diy rabbit toy: treat ball

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This is an easy toy that you can make for your rabbit using a toilet paper tube. This should only take a handful of minutes to create and doesn’t require anything except a pair of scissors and a little rabbit treat.

The goal of this DIY toy is to create a compact ball for your rabbit to chew through and find a treat inside. It’s great for your rabbit’s chewing instincts and is a mental enrichment activity to keep your rabbit mentally healthy.

final treat ball

Tools needed: 

  • Scissors
  • A toilet paper roll
  • Rabbit pellets or small treat pieces


  1. Cut the toilet paper roll into four pieces. It doesn’t have to be 100% exact (I didn’t use a ruler or anything), but you want to make the pieces pretty much even. I will usually cut the tube in half, and then cut both sections in half again to get four small rings.
  2. Put one piece sideways inside another. Create the beginning of the treat ball by putting one piece inside the other like a cross.
  3. Squeeze the two pieces together to fit them inside a third section of the tube. It can be a little bit of a squeeze to get the two rings to fit inside the third, so smush them in whatever ways you need to for them to fit through. 
  4. Place a treat or pellets into the ball that’s forming. Now that the ball is beginning to form, put some treats inside. You can wait until the end to put the treats in, but the gaps will be much smaller and difficult to squeeze the treats through. I usually use a small piece of dried papaya or dried strawberry, placing it into the ball after the third ring is added.
  5. Squeeze the fourth piece of the tube over the others to complete the ball. Place the fourth cardboard ring over top of the first three to make the final treat ball. You can feel free to squeeze and shift the pieces around however you need to in order to cover any large gaps that are left. You want to give your rabbit the chance to chew through the cardboard, instead of letting the treat fall out too quickly.

Give the toy to your rabbit and see what they do with it. They should be able to smell the yummy treat that’s hiding inside the ball and be excited to try to figure out how to get at it. The overlapping cardboard pieces will give the rabbit places where they can try to chew through, eventually letting them into the treasure trove inside the little hidden treat ball.

DIY rabbit treat ball
1) Cut the cardboard tube into 4 pieces; 2) Put one piece inside the other; 3) Put the two pieces into the third piece; 4) Place a treat inside the ball; 5) Add the fourth cardboard piece over top to complete the ball
Rabbit playing with diy treat ball toy

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