Recommended Products and Brands

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The two brands that I use when getting food for my rabbit are Oxbow and Small Pet Select. These both have high quality rabbit products and are companies that care about the health of our small animals. Oxbow products can be found online and in most pet stores. Small Pet Select is an online store that specializes in selling products for small animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. If you use the code BUNNYLADY at checkout, you can get 15% off your first order.

  • Hay: For most rabbits I recommend getting Second Cutting Timothy Hay from Small Pet Select (this is what I get for my bunnies). If you have a particularly picky rabbit then you may want to go for the Third Cutting Timothy Hay instead since this tends to be a little softer for rabbits to eat.
  • Pellets: I recommend getting the Oxbow Garden Select Food for Rabbits. This is made from healthy ingredients and tends to have the least amount of pellet dust at the bottom of the bag compared to other healthy brands. It’s also the type of pellets that my rabbit likes best. They also have a version for young rabbits if your bunny is less than 6 months old.
  • Critical Care: This is a form of rabbit food to use in emergencies when your rabbit refuses to eat. It’s a powdered rabbit food that you mix with water to syringe feed your rabbit. While I hope you never have to use it, it’s best to have a bag on hand just in case. Find out more about how to use Critical Care in this article.


The best treats to get for rabbits are often fresh fruits and vegetables that you would get at a grocery store. However sometimes you’ll want something with a longer shelf life. Small Pet Select and Oxbow both have some healthy treats that you can give to your rabbit. Just be sure to limit the amount of treats you give your rabbit every day, even when you give them these healthier kinds.


  • Rabbit Exercise Pen: I always recommend getting a rabbit exercise pen to use as their enclosure. These are convenient to set up and easy to clean too! I recommend making sure the fence is at least 30in high (size medium and up) to make sure your rabbit can’t hop over it.
  • Sleepypod pet carrier: The Sleepypod Mobile pet bed is one of the only brands that actually safety tests their carriers. They are a bit expensive, but these carriers are the best way to travel by car with your rabbit (learn more about why I recommend this carrier).
    • If the Sleepypod is too expensive, you can get a hard-sided carrier (such as this one) and make sure to place it on the floor of the car behind the driver or passenger seat.


Small Pet Select is my go-to for rabbit toys. They have different kinds of natural hay-based toys that my rabbits actually like to play with. You’ll want to get your rabbit a variety of toys so you can figure out what they like best.

  • SPS Toys: Small Pet Select has a variety of hay based and natural toys you can get. This is a great way to get different toys for your rabbit to play with, and see what your rabbit likes best.
  • Hanging toys: Hanging mobile toys are often some of the toys my rabbit has the most fun with, so I recommend getting some of these for your rabbit too.
  • Food dispenser ball: This is my rabbit’s absolute favorite toy! It’s a type of puzzle toy that you hide treats inside of and give it to your rabbit. I actually use these dispenser balls to give my rabbit her daily pellets. It’s great for helping rabbit slow down their eating and use their natural foraging instincts when eating their food.

Other accessories

  • Hiding house: It’s really important to make sure your rabbit has places to hide. This will help them feel safe and comfortable in their environment. The SPS castle will work for rabbits up to about 7 or 9 pounds and it’s completely safe for rabbits to chew on. For larger rabbits, you’ll need to get products made for cats.
  • Cat tree: Many rabbits like to get different vantage points by hopping up onto platforms. I got this Trixie Cat Tree because it’s short enough that I don’t have to worry about my rabbit falling off and it has a little hiding house on the bottom too.

Rabbit Proofing

  • Bitter Apple Spray: You can use a Bitter Apple on baseboards to deter your rabbit from chewing on them. It will make the baseboards taste bad to your rabbit. For this product to work you’ll have to reapply it pretty frequently, at least every few days, so it’s best used in an area your rabbit doesn’t have constant access to.
  • Carlson Pet Gate: My old roommate had this gate for her rabbits and it worked really well. The bars were close enough together that even her small rabbits could get through. I made the mistake of getting a different brand that was cheaper, only to find out that my rabbit could slip right through the bars.
  • Wire covers: Rabbits love to chew through wires. To keep your rabbit safe, you need to cover your wires with these plastic coverings.
  • DIY cube fencing: These cube fences are actually very versatile. They can be used to keep your rabbit out of areas where they shouldn’t be and you can use them along the perimeter of the room to keep your rabbit away from the baseboards.
  • Flexible cat scratchers: Use these cat scratcher mats in corners and around the legs of furniture to keep your rabbit from chewing. You can also use them as mats to cover areas where your rabbit tends to dig into the carpet.
  • Plastic mats: These are a durable way to keep your rabbit from digging into the carpet. While other mats will eventually have to be replaced, these plastic mats can withstand rabbit nails pretty much forever.

Litter box

  • SPS Paper litter: Paper based litter is best to use for rabbits because it is absorbent, and it’s safe if rabbits end up eating a little of it. I like the Small Pet Select Brand because it doesn’t contain baking soda, like most types of cat litter, so it won’t cause respiratory irritation from any excess powder used.
  • Large litter box: Rather than getting a small corner litter box that’s often marketed to small animals, I recommend getting a large cat litter box. This will be a lot for comfortable for your rabbit to sit in, and it can even help improve your rabbit’s litter box habits.


  • Nail Clippers: I recommend using these small manual clippers rather than the automatic ones. It will give you more control when clipping your rabbit’s nails. I also recommend replacing your clippers every few years to make sure they remain sharp.
  • Hair Buster Comb: The Hair Buster definitely works best at getting all that loose fur off of your rabbit. It even grabs the fur stuck on the undercoat. The only problem I find is that some rabbits don’t like the feeling of being brushed with this and will run away whenever it’s time for grooming. 
  • Grooming Mitt: The grooming mitt is a little gentler than the Hair Buster. Rabbits are less likely to protest when you groom them with this. However, it is not as effective as the Hair Buster comb.


  • Clicker: If you want to train your rabbit to do any complicated tricks, you’ll need to clicker train them. Getting one of these clickers that has a soft sound (so it doesn’t startle your rabbit) is incredibly helpful.
  • High-Value Treats: To keep your rabbit motivated when they’re learning a new trick you have to give them treats they’ll love. I recommend cutting these dried fruit treats into small pieces to use as high-value rewards.
  • Jumping Hurdles: If you’re ready to bring your rabbit’s training to the next level, consider getting these jumping hurdles. You can start to train your rabbit on how to dash through exciting agility courses.