Recommended Items for Litter Box Training

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It’s not too difficult to litter train a rabbit, but you do have to make sure you have the products to get set up. You really only need a litter box, a pooper scooper, and a bag of litter to get started. But it’s also helpful to have a rabbit-safe cleaning solution and a garbage can to shut out the smell (rabbit pee can smell strong if it’s been sitting out for a while).

For the most part, you can use whatever litter box or pooper scooper your want, but this is a couple of my preferences. The Yesterday’s News cat litter is a great brand though, and I highly recommend you check them out.

Litter box

I use the Arm & Hammer Cat Pan for my rabbit’s litter box. I like this one in particular because it has high sides. My rabbit had a tendency to sit with her butt over the edge of the litter box with lower sides so that her pee missed the box… 

I also like that the design of the box has rounded edges. I’ve had rabbits in the past that try to gnaw on their litter box and ended up eating some plastic pieces off of it. So this would stop that bad behavior.

Whether or not you get this specific litter box, I recommend purchasing one that is marketed for cats instead of rabbits. Most of the boxes for rabbits are too small, you want a box that your rabbit will completely fit into.

Pooper Scooper

There’s not really anything special you need to consider for a pooper scooper. As long as the holes aren’t too big, just about any brand will do just fine. I’ve been using this Boss Pet Cat Litter Scoop for the past six or seven years, and it does the job just fine.

Yesterday’s News Litter

The litter that you get for your rabbit is actually very important. You have to get a paper based litter, not a clay based cat litter (clay can clump up in a rabbit’s stomach and cause a blockage). Yesterday’s News is the brand I’ve been using for the last 10-15 years and I don’t expect to be changing to a different kind in the near future.

This litter is a recycled newspaper litter, which is safe for your rabbit if they end up chewing and eating some of it. It is unscented, so you won’t have any irritating or dangerous scents for your rabbit to be inhaling. And it does an excellent job at absorption and odor control.

Puracy Pet Safe Cleaner

You’ll want to use a pet safe cleaner when you clean up your rabbit’s accidents while you’re in the litter training process. You could make your own vinegar solution in a spray bottle and use that. But if you don’t want to go through the trouble, Puracy is a really great all purpose cleaner.

It is a natural all purpose cleaner that was developed to be safe around pets. You can spray this to disinfect and clean accidents, and then you don’t have to worry if your rabbit comes back and licks the area a little later. And it is a certified cruelty free product. No bunnies were harmed in the making! 

Lidded garbage can

This is completely optional. I like to use a small baby diaper garbage can to scoop the soiled litter into, but you can just as easily use daily plastics bags or any garbage can you already own. I like to use this one because I can keep it in my rabbit’s area to make scooping out the litter box easy. It has an inner basket that can easily be removed and cleaned out when necessary. I’m trying to be a little environmentally conscious by avoiding using a separate plastic bag every day.