Recommended Items to Rabbit Proof Your Home

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Bunny proofing your house is probably the most difficult part of rabbit ownership. The little troublemakers always seem to find something new to go after. When you’ve finally figured out how to keep them from chewing the wires, they start to go after the baseboards. And when that’s out of their reach, the little buns will go for the carpet. 

I’ve tested out a lot of different solutions over the past few years, and these are the best ones that I’ve found. I’ll be keeping this page updated as I find new and better solutions to rabbit proofing our homes.

Wire Tubing

Flexible wire tubing is probably the most important thing on this list. You want to keep your wires covered so that your rabbit can’t chew on them. You can find some of these wire covers that are specifically marketed as small animal deterrents, but it’s much cheaper to just get this generic electrical wire tubing. 

You can get 20 feet at a time and go around your house covering up all the wires. Honestly I recommend even covering the wires you think your rabbit couldn’t possibly get to. Rabbits have a way of into places when it should be impossible.

Office chair plastic mat

These are the plastic mats that you put under office chairs so that they can roll better on carpet and not hurt wood floors. They are excellent to use for covering up corners of the room or areas of the carpet that your rabbit tries to dig into. Usually the rabbit will get bored and stop trying to dig into the places you put these mats down, but even if your rabbit continues, these mats are thick enough that they shouldn’t be able to dig through.

Flexible Cat Scratcher mats

I hang these on the wall with command strips to to keep my rabbit from chewing on baseboards or corners of the wall. I find they are especially effective on doors that a rabbit will try to dig out of, or on corners that are hard to block off. If your rabbit goes at these, they will eventually be able to chew through them and you’ll need to replace the mat with a new one.

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray

I’ve had mixed results with the bitter apple spray. Sometimes it works great and the rabbit will stop chewing the area right away, but other times it seems to have no effect at all. It’s worth a shot if your having trouble getting your rabbit to stop chewing on things they shouldn’t though. 

I always needed to spray this pretty frequently, at leas a few times a day, to convince my rabbit that they thing she’s trying to chew really does taste bad. If not, she would just hop back a couple hours later and think that it tastes better now.

DIY storage cubes

These storage cubes are great for blocking of areas underneath furniture that you don’t want your rabbit to get at. Rabbits can nest underneath beds or sofas, so making a fence around the base of your sofa or bed is a solution to that problem.

I’ve also used these to block off areas that contain a lot of wires or lining them up against the wall to keep your rabbit from getting at the baseboards. They are actually a very versatile tool to have around whenever your rabbit finds something new to get into.

Carlson Pet Gate

If you want to block off an entire room in the house, or keep your rabbit from getting out of the room, a pet gate is the best option. I like this Carlson Pet Gate because it’s easy to open. The door doesn’t get jammed shut like some other brands do. It also swings closed again behind you, so you don’t have to worry about your rabbit creeping out while your back is turned.