Recommended Rabbit Grooming Products

Grooming a rabbit can be a pain since many rabbits really don’t like to be handled. We have to do everything we can to make the process of brushing our rabbits and clipping their nails as quick and simple as possible. Obviously it helps to have tools that both you and your rabbit are comfortable with.


If you’re going to trim your rabbits nails on your own, you’re going to need a good pair of clippers. I find it easiest to use these small animal clippers since they give me more control during the whole nail clipping process.

All blades get dull after a while, so no clippers will last forever. I will get a new pair of clippers every 1-2 years to make sure I can make clean cuts when I clip my rabbit’s nails.

Hair Buster or Love Glove

It can be very difficult to find a good brush or comb for your rabbit, but it’s important to help them shed all their extra fur. The Hair Buster is a narrow toothed comb that does a really great job at getting the loose fur from a rabbits undercoat. It’s an excellent comb, especially during the long shedding seasons.

Unfortunately, there are some rabbits who are uncomfortable with the way the Hair Buster feels when combing them. They’ll struggle and run away, making it quite difficult to use the comb to the best of its ability. For these rabbits, I recommend using a Love Glove. These gloves aren’t as great at getting all the excess fur out from the rabbits undercoat, but it will still to the job and remove a lot of the rabbit’s loose fur. More importantly, your rabbit will be a lot more comfortable during the grooming process, and less likely to run away.

Fur splitter

If you have a rabbit who has a tendency to get some small matted areas of fur, then you might want to invest in a fur splitter. This can be helpful for keeping your rabbit’s coat nice and smooth, especially if you have a long haired rabbit. This fur splitter, in particular is a safe option that won’t have the risk of damaging the rabbits delicate skin while working to de-mat their fur.

Shaving tool

The Wahl Mini Arco is a small shaving tool that can be used on large matted areas of a rabbit’s fur. If your rabbit managed to get into something sticky and a fur splitter won’t do the job, then you might have to get their fur shaved instead. This small shaving tool gives you more control than larger ones that are made for cats and dogs.

A shaving tool can also be useful for keeping the fur of long haired rabbits trimmed. Many rabbit caretakers choose to keep the fur on angora rabbit’s cut short to keep it from getting unruly. It can also keep their fur from getting too long in the summer and help to prevent heat stroke in the rabbit.