Recommended Rabbit Food and Treats

Oxbow Critical Care

This is something that my vet recommended I always have on hand just in case something happens. Critical care is used to syringe feed a rabbit in emergencies when they can’t or won’t eat. It’s one of those things that you hope you never have to use, but if you do need Critical Care then you want it readily available. 

You’ll also need to get one of these wide feeding syringes to go with it. If you are in a situation where you need to use Critical Care, you will need to mix the formula with water according to the package directions and feed it to your rabbit using one of these syringes.


Top Choice: Oxbow Timothy and Orchard Hay Blend

The Oxbow Timothy and Orchard hay blend is currently my favorite and number one recommendation. I love that Oxbow offers a blend of two different types of grass hay, since most other brands you have to buy the hay types separately if you want to give variety to your rabbit.

Best of all, my rabbit is not picky at all about eating this hay. Sometimes she’ll even go for her hay before she goes for her pellets. Amazing!

One under appreciated plus to getting the Oxbow hay is that it’s not packed too tightly in the bag. Most other brands of bagged hay will hurt your fingers and make a big mess as you try to get it out of the bag, but Oxbow’s packaging is very user friendly.

And, of course, I have never had a problem with the quality of hay I’ve gotten from Oxbow. There has never been a lot of dead grass included, and there isn’t a big layer of hay dust when you get to the bottom of the bag.


Top Choice: Oxbow Garden Select Rabbit Food

I’ve experimented with different rabbit foods a lot in the past, and I can say that this is without a doubt my favorite type of pellet to feed my rabbit. This timothy based, which is always what I look for, but the formula also contains a blend of orchard and oat hays. Great for giving your rabbit a nutritional variety.

First and foremost, I love these because they do not contain any extra fruit of colorful pieces. In general you should avoid any rabbit food other than plain timothy hay based pellets.

And while my rabbit isn’t particularly picky about her pellets, she absolutely loves these ones. I can even use these as healthy treats when we’re doing our training sessions together.

As an added bonus, this blend of pellets smells best in my opinion. And I’m left with very little dust when I get to the bottom of the bag.


Top Choice: Small Pet Select Healthy Snack Sampler

Small Pet Select wins this one. They have a great variety of healthy treats for rabbits, including dried fruit and flavored timothy based treats. The sampler they offer also gives you a way to give your rabbit a few different kinds of treats to see which ones are their favorite.

Try their fruit sampler also. Most rabbits will love the banana chips and papaya chunks (strawberry tends to be hit or miss with rabbits). They sometimes have different seasonal offerings (which is also pretty cool!), so check them out to see what’s yummy treats are available.

Oxbow Simple Rewards Baked Treats

These are probably the healthiest treats on the list, since they are pretty much just flavored timothy based treats. But I find them to be hit or miss with rabbits. Some rabbits absolutely love them and others will completely ignore these treats. These treats are also difficult to break into small pieces, so they’re not ideal for training rabbits.