Recommended Rabbit Toys

Important: This page contains affiliate links to Petco Animal Supplies Inc. and Small Pet Select. I receive a small commission for referring customers to these sources. While we are careful to only recommend products we use and like, you should be aware of our relationship to these companies.

Every rabbit needs some fun toys to play with. Rabbits need chew toys to keep their teeth nice and trim, and rabbit need toys so they don’t get bored and start destroying the furniture. Puzzle toys are also enriching and help to keep your rabbit’s brain sharp and their personality curious.

It’s best to give your rabbit a variety of toys and rotate them in and out so your rabbit doesn’t get bored with any of them. I like to include some cardboard toys in the rotation too! And it’s important to remember that every rabbit is unique and will have different favorites. So experiment with different types of toys to see what works best for your rabbit.

This is a list of my favorite toys that I purchase for my rabbit. You can check them out and see if they’ll work for you, but also I encourage you to look up some fun DIY toys to make too. Rabbit’s can chew through toys pretty quickly, so it’s definitely better for your wallet if you don’t have to buy more quite as frequently.

Natural toys

Small Pet Select Toy Sampler

Small Pet Select is an excellent company that makes a lot of different toys for rabbits and other small animals. The best part is that their toys are hand made, natural and healthy for our beloved pets. Small Pet Select is where I get the majority of my rabbit’s toys.

You can check out what toys they have available, or order one of their toy samplers. They’ll pick out 12 different toys and bundle them together at a significant discount. There is always a good variety of products they include in the bundle. I like to order one of these bundles every few months to make sure my rabbit always has new and fun toys (plus my rabbits loves them and chews through them so fast!).

Sadly this bundle does not include any of the companies awesome hanging toys, so you’ll have to get those separately.

Hanging Toys

You can get wooden hanging toys from a number of different companies, but I again find the my rabbit’s favorites are all from Small Pet Select. This company makes a few different versions of hanging toy with a combination of hay and wooden twig pieces. Try one of each to see what your rabbit likes best:

This is healthy and fun! Find a place to hang this on your rabbits enclosure and watch them go after it and chew it up. I recommend you get more than one of these, your rabbit is likely to chew it all up very quickly.

Puzzle toy

SlimCat Food Dispenser Ball

This is my rabbit’s favorite toy. It’s not a chew toy, but it’s a treat dispenser and is great for the enrichment of a rabbit’s mind as they try to figure out how to get the treats out. I like to give my rabbit half of her daily pellets in one of these to encourage her to eat a little slower. It’s also adorable to watch her roll it around as she tries to get all the food out.