17 Toys to Get (or make!) For Your Pet Rabbit

Finding toys for rabbits can be a pain. You can get them all sorts of colorful and fun toys only to find that your rabbit ignores everything except the box. So what can you do?

In general, rabbits like to play with toys they can chew, dig, or toss around. Cardboard, twig balls, apple sticks, and natural hay-based toys are often favorites of pet rabbits. Rabbits also commonly enjoy hanging mobile toys and tossing around hard plastic baby toys.

I wish I could tell you that I have found the secret toys that every rabbit will love. Unfortunately, that just won’t happen. Every rabbit has their own personality, including what toys they’ll want to play with. What one rabbit loves, another will completely ignore. This is, of course, why it’s so difficult to find the perfect toys for our beloved pet rabbits.

What I can help you with is thinking out how a rabbit would interact with a toy. Rabbits like to chew, dig and forage. If you can find toys that meet one of these natural instincts then you are much more likely to find a toy your rabbit will actually want to play with. So you’ll want to think about the flavor, the texture, and the scent of all the toys you give to your rabbit. 

The best thing to do is give your rabbit a wide variety of toys so that they can pick their favorites. Then you’ll know what kind of toys they like, so you can continue to get those ones in the future. Of course, it’s also fun to occasionally try something new and see if it piques your rabbit’s interest too!

You can use this list to get you started. I’ve found toys that are safe for rabbits to chew on, and also have been entertaining for rabbits that I work with. This includes my own rabbits at home, as well as the many rescue rabbits I see during my volunteer shifts at my local animal rescue.

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The brands that I trust

I only recommend brands that I trust to have high-quality and safe toys for rabbits. There are many toys marketed towards rabbits that don’t take rabbit health into consideration. They may use wood that is unsafe for rabbits to chew on or use big glops of glue where rabbits are likely to chew.

The brand that I trust the most to send me safe, healthy and fresh toys for my rabbits is Small Pet Select. They are an online store that specializes in providing fresh hay and toys for small mammal pets. I discovered them about a year ago and have been impressed with the quality of their products. My rabbit has been loving them too!

For that reason, I chose to partner with Small Pet Select so that you can get 15% off your first order with them if you use the code BUNNYLADY at checkout. (I’ll put a reminder next to all the toys that you can get from this awesome online store so you don’t miss out on the discount)

Other brands that I trust to have good quality toys for rabbits are Oxbow and WARE. These are two common brands that you will see in pet stores both in the US and internationally. Plastic puzzle toys and habitat toys that are not meant for rabbits to eat are the only products that aren’t from one of these three sources. This, of course, doesn’t mean that all other brands are bad for rabbits, but it is important to pay attention to the source of your toys so that you know that they’ll be healthy and safe for your bunny.

Small Pet Select Sampler box

1. Small Pet Select Toy Hay Toys

When looking for toys for your rabbit, the best place to start is with a sampling of Small Pet Select toys. They’ll send you a variety of toys from their selection of natural products so you can offer them to your rabbit and see what they like best. Then you’ll know which toys are best to get for your rabbit next time!

Getting a bunch of toys at once is great for when you are having trouble finding toys that your rabbit likes to play with. It gives your rabbit a variety of options all at once so they can choose which toys they like best. I also like to get a sampler for my rabbit when it seems like she’s getting bored of the toys she has now. The new toys can mix things up and get her interested in something new.

The only downside is that inevitably there will be a few toys that your rabbit is not interested in. Every rabbit has their own preferences in toys, so they will end up ignoring the toys that they don’t like. This may seem like a waste, but you could also see it as an opportunity to donate the shunned toys to your local animal shelter or rabbit rescue. One bunny’s trash is another’s treasure, so those rescue bunnies may really enjoy playing with the toys that your rabbit hates.

(don’t forget to take 15% off your order at Small Pet Select by using the code BUNNYLADY at checkout)

2. Small Pet Select mobile toys

The hanging, or mobile, toys at Small Pet Select are not included in the toy sampler, so they get their own special call out here. Many rabbits (including my own) really love pulling and tugging on toys that hang from above or on the side of their enclosure. Hanging toys can get a rabbit more curious about their environment, making it more likely that your rabbit will play with their new toy. 

I like the Small Pet Select mobile toys in particular because they are made of fresh and natural ingredients. The smell of the fresh hay and twig pieces makes these toys all the more enticing for rabbits. My rabbit enjoyed going after the Hay and Twig mobile the most, but try out the other designs too and see what your rabbit likes best.

(don’t forget to take 15% off your order at Small Pet Select by using the code BUNNYLADY at checkout)

rabbit with food dispenser ball
This food dispenser ball is my rabbit’s favorite toy. She loves to roll it around and get the pellets and treats from inside.

3. Slimcat treat ball

This little puzzle toy is my rabbit’s absolute favorite. She loves to roll the ball around to figure out how to get the food out of it and starts dancing around my feet as soon as she hears me refilling it.

The Slimcat treat ball is basically just a food dispenser. Originally meant to keep cats from overeating by slowing them down, these also make great foraging toys for rabbits. You can put treats or your rabbit’s daily pellets inside and let them roll it around to figure out how to get the food out.

It works as a fun mental enrichment toy that gives your rabbit a chance to use their natural foraging instincts. It also gets rabbits to hop around a little more, helping them get some more exercise and maintain their healthy physique.

I’ve had this toy for my rabbit for a number of years now and it’s proven to be very durable. She’ll try to chew on the handle a little bit, but so far has not managed to break even a small piece off, so I’m not worried about my rabbit eating the plastic or breaking the toy.

4. Oxbow play wall

Oxbow has a fun hanging toy for rabbits. They have a play wall that includes a grid with three attached hanging toys. You can replace the hanging toys if your rabbit chews through them, and attach many other toys to the hay-based grid. You can attach it to the side of your rabbit’s enclosure using the wooden bolts included with the play wall.

Every piece involved is made of natural and safe objects for rabbits. The wide variety of pieces included also makes it more likely that there will be elements that your rabbit will actually want to play with.

playing with a willow ball
Willow twig balls tend to be favorites with a lot of the rabbits I work with.

5. Willow balls

Willow balls are typically a big hit for rabbits. The many twigs give your rabbit a number of teeth holds that make chewing and tearing the toys apart lots of fun. This can mean that your rabbit goes through these willow balls very quickly. If your rabbit likes these toys, you’ll want to keep a stash of them on hand.

I also like to squeeze a little chunk of dried fruit through the gaps and give it to my rabbit. They’ll have to figure out how to roll the ball or chew through the twigs in order to get at the treat inside.

Don’t worry if your rabbit ends up eating some of the twigs, willow is perfectly safe for rabbits to ingest. Willow even has some mild anti-inflammatory properties, making these toys great options for elderly rabbits who may be suffering from arthritis.

6. Stacking cups

Stacking cups are one of those toys that surprise me when rabbits like them so much. Rabbits can’t really chew on the toys, and they don’t serve much of a foraging purpose (unless you hide treats inside the cups). But time and again I see rabbits who really love to toss these plastic cups around.

They’ll get their teeth around the rim on the plastic cups and proceed to unstack them one at a time. Tossing toys like this are a way for rabbits to interact with their environment. Just like many rabbits will flip over their food bowls because they find it fun, stacking cups are a simple way to relieve boredom in rabbits.

7. Hiding Castle

Hiding dens are other important habitat items for rabbits. They help your rabbit feel more comfortable because they have a place to hide if they feel like there is danger. Some hiding dens can also double as a fun toy too!

This hiding castle is made of completely safe wood with no added varnishes, making it healthy and fun for rabbits to chew on it. Even if your rabbit is confident and doesn’t usually hide around, a curious rabbit can still chew and dig on this hay den to have some fun.

8. WARE hanging kabob

WARE has another hanging toy that your rabbit might like. I gave my rabbit this hanging kabob toy one morning only to find it completely destroyed by evening because my rabbit had so much fun with it. My rabbit even chewed through the wooden stick in the middle, letting the remaining bits and pieces fall to the floor so she could use them as tossing toys. This kabob uses all-natural pieces threaded onto a wooden stick, so you can avoid your rabbit chewing on any kind of glue or adhesive.

Hay cubes are yummy treats as well as chew toys for rabbits.

9. Small Pet Select Hay cubes

Hay cubes are a treat in addition to a fun chew toy for rabbits. You can let your rabbit toss these around and chew on them as a reward, or you can poke a hole through them and thread them onto a wire or string to make a hanging toy. 

Timothy hay cubes are the healthiest for rabbits, but you can also get hay cubes that add in a little alfalfa hay to make them a little more enticing. Just remember if you give your rabbit the alfalfa hay cubes, to give them as treats because too much alfalfa hay can cause weight gain in rabbits.

(don’t forget to take 15% off your order at Small Pet Select by using the code BUNNYLADY at checkout)

10. Small Pet Select Fidget Sticks

Fidget sticks are a fun tossing and chewing toy for your rabbit. Small Pet Select has these toys made from a number of different types of hay, so you can see what flavor your rabbit likes best. They have Oat, Meadow, and Rye, making them a little different and more interesting than all the rabbit toys made out of timothy hay. 

My rabbit’s favorite is definitely the meadow fidget sticks, but the only one she dislikes is the rye flavor. You can try all of them to see which ones your rabbit chooses then continue to get the kinds your rabbit likes best.

(don’t forget to take 15% off your order at Small Pet Select by using the code BUNNYLADY at checkout)

Cardboard toilet paper tubes can be made into many fun toys for rabbits.

11. Cardboard treat toys

Cardboard toys can be a lot of fun for rabbits. They are good for rabbit teeth and safe for rabbits to chew on and even eat a little. And, of course, they’re the cheapest toys you can find. 

There are so many fun toys you can make using toilet paper rolls and simple objects that you’ll find lying around the house (like string). Usually, the most enticing cardboard toys for rabbits are the ones where you hide treats inside. This gives the rabbit more incentive to play with their new fun toy. 

I have tutorials on how to create a number of these fun toys for your rabbit here. Or if you want even more ideas, you can try making these other DIY toys also!

12. Hideaway Tunnel

Another way to give your rabbit a fun place to hide and explore their environment is by giving them a tunnel to explore. Unless your rabbit is very small, it’s usually best to get tunnels made for cats. Most tunnels marketed towards small animals are actually sized for a guinea pig instead of a rabbit.

13. Rabbit castle

Rabbits also have a lot of fun playing with larger habitat toys. These are toys that give rabbits a chance to explore and see the world from different vantage points. One fun way to do this is to create an elaborate castle for your rabbit to play on.

You can create this fun habitat toy for your rabbit by making your own cardboard castle. You can collect a few cardboard boxes, arrange them into a multi-level castle, and cut in holes for tunnels and entrances. The cardboard ends up being a great digging and chewing toy for your rabbit too.

Alternatively, you could buy the pieces of a wooden rabbit castle to arrange an exciting new piece of furniture for your rabbit. This is definitely the option that will look better in your home, and the wooden pieces are much more durable. You won’t have to be constantly replacing cardboard boxes as your rabbit digs and chews through them. However, it is much more expensive to purchase the wooden pieces than it is to make your own cardboard castle.

(don’t forget to take 15% off your order at Small Pet Select by using the code BUNNYLADY at checkout)

rabbit on a grass mat
Woven grass mats are good digging and chewing toys for rabbits.

14. Grass mat

Grass mats tend to be big hits with rabbits. You can get mats made of seagrass, timothy hay, or many other types of natural, dried grass. These grass mats make great digging toys for rabbits. It gives them a safe place to dig into the ground without any worry of them destroying your carpet.

You could also make a similar mat using cardboard instead of woven grass. All you need to do is cut out many long, thin strips of cardboard and then weave them together. Check out the step-by-step instruction here.

15. Twig chew sticks

Chew sticks are another way to encourage healthy chewing behavior in rabbits. You can get many different types of sticks to offer your rabbit, each with their own flavor. The most popular types are apple sticks and willow sticks. In my experience the apple sticks are more likely to be tasty to rabbits, making them more likely to be fun chew toys. 

You can give these to your rabbit as single sticks or keep them in a bundle and let your rabbit chew them apart on their own. You can also use chew sticks to create fun DIY toys for your rabbit. Try making this rabbit barbell toy using these chew sticks and a small amount of cardboard. 

(don’t forget to take 15% off your order at Small Pet Select by using the code BUNNYLADY at checkout)

16. Oxbow Timbells

Oxbow also sells timbell enrichment toys for rabbits. These are made up of two balls of hay on either end of an apple stick. They tend to be hit or miss with rabbits, but those rabbits who do like them will have fun tearing them apart and eating all the natural goodness.

17. Teach N Treat puzzle toy

Puzzle toys, like this Teach N Treat toy, are great for a rabbit’s mental enrichment. This toy gives you multiple scenarios where you can hide a treat in the holes and watch as your rabbit moves the pieces around until they can get at that yummy treat.

This kind of toy allows your rabbit to use their natural foraging instincts while they sniff around to find their food. You can even use it to give your rabbit their daily pellets. Sprinkle the pellets in the holes of the puzzle, cover them up, and allow your rabbit to have some fun while they forage for their breakfast.

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Recommended Products and Brands

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The two brands that I use when buying food for my rabbit are Oxbow and Small Pet Select. These both have high quality rabbit products and are companies that care about the health of our small animals. If you are purchasing anything from Small Pet Select use the code BUNNYLADY at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

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