Recommended Rabbit Habitat Accessories

A rabbit’s home needs some “furniture” for it to feel the most comfortable for your rabbit. Every rabbit needs the basics, like a food bowl, water bowl and a hay rack. But having places to climb and hide are great ways to help your rabbit feel safe and add enrichment to their lives.

Food Bowl

It is, of course, important for your rabbit to have a food bowl for their pellets and leafy greens. It doesn’t exactly matter which bowl you get, but this 5-inch diameter bowl is a good size. It’s also a heavy ceramic bowl, which is a little more difficult for a rabbit to flip over than a metal or plastic bowl.

Water Bowl

I recommend getting a medium or large water bowl for your rabbit. Did you know rabbits can drink as much in a day as a small dog? It’s true! Rabbits drink a lot of water, so they’ll need a large bowl to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

I also recommend getting a heavy ceramic bowl. Sometimes rabbits are silly and flip over their food and water bowls. So getting heavy products can help keep your rabbit from dumping out all their water before they’ve had a chance to drink any of it.

Water Bottle

Okay, while it is better to have a bowl for your rabbit instead of a water bottle, sometimes that’s just not possible. Some rabbits will flip over their water bowls no matter how much you try to stop them. And some rabbits are just sloppy drinkers and need some help staying neat.

For these rabbits, I recommend using a water bottle instead. A water bottle that’s at least 12-16 ounces should do the job. Just make sure to refill it everyday. I like this water bottle because it has a little floating duck to make you pay attention to the water level. Even if your rabbit drinks from a bowl just fine, sometimes it’s good to give them a water bottle also just in case. 

Hay Feeder

You can put your rabbit’s hay directly into their litter box (check out my litter training recommendations), but if you prefer you can also get a hay rack for your rabbit. Putting the hay into a rack like this will make less of a mess than if your rabbit is just throwing hay around from the litter box (trust me, they do that).

Rabbit Den Hiding House

You gotta give your rabbit someplace to hide for them to feel safe. You could just use a cardboard box for a hiding house if you want to use a cheap option (I’ve done it), but if you want something fancy, I love this Ware Rabbit Den. It’s big enough for a medium sized rabbit (about 8 pounds or less) and is made of wood that is safe for rabbits to chew on. 

Cat Tree

Rabbits love to climb up on things to get a better vantage point. Cat trees are surprisingly fun toys for a rabbit. You don’t want to get the really tall ones, because your rabbit could fall off, they’re not quite as graceful as cats. But cat trees that are two to three feet tall are great for rabbits.

I like this one because it combines the fun climbing platforms with a hiding house. It also uses sisal rope, which is safe for a rabbit to ingest. So this is a rabbit-safe cat tree, even if your little bun is a big chewer.

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles help rabbits to keep themselves cool when it gets hot in the summer. My bunny likes to lay on these tiles all year round. I guess she just really likes how they feel. Marble tiles stay cool longer than carpet of wood flooring, so your rabbit can lay down against the cool tiles to keep cool. You could even stick the tile in the fridge for a few minutes to make it extra cool for your rabbit.